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How To Use A Swim Nappy

The swim nappy is an essential for everyone, it's a one off purchase that will last you the nappy lifetime of bub.

It is perfect for the beach and fits nicely under any swimsuit for swimming lessons. 

Swim nappies are only designed to hold the solids and our nappies do their job. They may seem snug but be assured they are fulfilling the y wont leak and are still super comfortable for bub!

Our swim nappies come with a travel insert! This means you can get bub ready for swimming at home with no accidents on the way.

Lay the insert inside the nappy and then put it on bub as normal. Just before you jump in the water gently pull the insert out from between the leg and you are ready to go.

Our Swim Nappies also have matching Wet Bags, it's a combination that goes hand in hand.