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Day Care Cloth Nappy Guide

Cloth nappies are becoming increasingly common throughout daycare centres. Here are a few tips to making the cloth nappy process as easy as possible for everyone involved. 
Step ONE
Check with the centre that they are comfortable using cloth. If you can take in an example of the nappy, it can help showcase the ease of Modern Cloth Nappies. 
Step TWO
Prepare the nappies in advance, just as you would at home. Have a stash of 6-8 nappies packed and folded ready for use for the day. 
Pack 2-3 wet bags, this will help the educators handle the dirty nappies with ease. 
It’s a great idea to show your child care provider how you use cloth nappies in person, or you can print out our simple fit guide. This is a bit of a cheat-sheet when it comes to fitting and any other information you want to share. Simply pop it in your child’s bag so that all staff members have the confidence to use cloth.

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