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How To Pack A Pocket Nappy

You don’t need to worry about getting the right amount of inserts, when you purchase Gentle Wilderness Modern Cloth Nappies you get everything you need! Our nappies come with two 3-layer bamboo inserts which means you will only need to change the nappy every 2-3 hours, just as you would any nappy. 

The pocket style nappy is one of the easiest to use in the Modern Cloth family. With a bit of practice you can pack a put away a nappy in 10-15 seconds. Below is a step by step guide. 


Step 1 - Lay the inserts on your forearm. Open the pocket with the other hand. 

Step 2 - Slide the shell over your arm, make sure you have the inside of the nappy facing up and are putting pressure on the inside layer. This will make it slide through with ease rather than have friction sliding along the PUL layer. 

Step 3 - For boys push the inserts to the very top of the nappy. For girls have the nappies evenly spread between front and back. Pinch the end of the nappy to hold the inserts in place and slide your arm out. 

Adjust inserts to make sure they are nice and flat to avoid any leakage.


Step 4 - Fold and store the nappy ready for use.