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We are launching our product in May!

We have been working hard alongside our beautiful manufacturers, it has been an intense process to make sure every aspect of our products are perfect but we are so close, I can feel it in every sense of my being.

Gentle Wilderness Modern Cloth Nappies

We will be launching our product in May!
But what does our collection include?

We will have 18 - yes 18 - beautiful modern cloth nappies! Each pattern has been hand picked for the Gentle Wilderness brand and each one tells a story, ignites a memory or captures a moment. The cloth nappies are pocket style with snaps on the front and sides so you can adjust to make the perfect fit for your little one.
The collection will include a night nappy line, this series of night nappies is a total game changer for the full time cloth mummas out there. There will be 4 beautiful prints in the collection and trust me once you try the night nappy, you will be hooked!

Swim nappies are an essential for everyone, especially here in Australia! We will have 2 beautiful patterns available. Our swim nappies are a snap fit, I have been told that they do seem a little tight at first but fear not, swim nappies are designed this way on purpose and it may come as a surprise for those not use to it. Swim nappies are only designed to hold the solids and our nappies do their job! So even though they may seem snug - be rest assured they are fulfilling their purpose and are still super comfortable for bub! 

And last but not least, our collection wouldn't be complete without the humble wet bag! Our wet bags come dual purpose, are lightweight and large enough to hold 6-8 cloth nappies or a swimsuit and child's towel. We have 5 beautiful patterns to match a selection of our nappies. 

This is really a labour of love, we have worked really hard on getting you the best quality for the most affordable price and I know you will be blown away when you see the entire thing come to life. 

Our collection will be exclusively launched to Our Circle in May and will later be launched to the general public. If you want to be one of the first to view our collection please sign up, the link is below 'Join Us' in the green box.
You will also be pleasantly surprised, upon signing up to Our Circle you will receive a Gift Voucher to spend once the collection is live!