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How long does a disposable nappy take to break down?

Every time you choose to use cloth you are make a difference!

If you’re a ‘once a day’ user, an ‘only at home’ user, a ‘during the day’ user or a ‘full time’ cloth user, every single one of you is making a difference!

It takes between 100-500 years for a disposable nappy to decompose!
Yes you read that correctly, and even then some components in a disposal will never breakdown completely.

Every time you choose cloth you are making an impact on decreasing landfill and bettering our environment so our kids are able to enjoy it!

Just to give some perspective let’s compare how long some things take to breakdown it really is crazy!

Banana Skin takes 3-4 weeks

Paper Bag takes 1 month

Cardboard takes 2 months

Orange Peel takes up to 2 years

Plastic Bags take up to 20 years*

Plastic Bottles take up to 450 years*

Disposable Nappies take up to 500 years*

*Petrochemical/Plastic products are never really broken down, unless they are recycled they stay in the environment forever.