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Do Cloth Nappies Waste Water?

Don’t you waste a heap of water washing cloth nappies?

It’s a common question! And the simple answer is no - you actually use way less water!

Let’s break it down:

A disposable nappy requires about 37 litres of water to manufacture. 37 litres to make just one disposable nappy!
By comparison, a cloth nappy only uses a few litres of water to wash in a machine.

Most 4-star washing machines use about 10 litres of water to wash 1kg of laundry. In a direct comparison you can wash nearly 4kgs of cloth nappies with the same amount of water it takes to make just 1 disposable!

There are also so many ways you can reduce your water even further:
- You can change your wash cycle to a 2 or 3 day wash
- Set your washing machine to auto fill 
- Do the main wash with smaller items too, so you are maximizing the load in the machine. 
All in all cloth nappies use next to no water compared to disposable which is a massive eco benefit to using cloth.