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Cloth Nappy Life Cycle - What do I do when I'm finished with them?

When you use cloth you are not only benefiting your pocket but preventing thousands of nappies ending up in landfill. It's never too late to start cloth either, perhaps you are a new parent or have older children, there's never a bad time to start, you just have to take the first step. 

The first step is purchasing them, it sounds easy but sometimes it feels complicated. We highly recommend checking out our How To Start page as it will give you an indication as to what you need and what to expect. 

The second step is to use them, finding a routine is key here. Use, Wash, Dry and repeat. Once you have a system you won't look back. Our How to Wash and Store section helps you work out a routine.

And lastly, what do you do once you have finished with the nappies? It seems like a bit of a waste to just throw them out. If you have taken good care of your nappies and followed guidelines there is no reason why your nappies won't last years and years. They might need new elastic around the groin eventually but they really do last even with daily use. 

If your nappies are in good condition then resell them!
It sounds a bit gross to be using nappies someone else has used but I can assure you that if you have looked after them it's perfectly hygienic to do so. There are so many Facebook groups that are Buy, Swap and Sell pages for Modern Cloth Nappies. There are also local swaps depending on your area, get in touch with your local councils or community centers to see if they facilitate these events. 

Another alternative is to gift them to a friend so they can use them. Simple and effective! It works exactly like second hand clothing and the cycle continues.
The last option is to find a local charity that accepts cloth nappies. There are so many refuge shelters, housing and mother child centers that will jump at the opportunity to take your reusables. 

Cloth nappies have been around since the beginning of time, it has only been the last 30-ish years that disposables have become popular. Why not give cloth a go? Start small and work your way up one step and a time. If it doesn't work out for you there are so many avenues out there to ensure the cloth nappies don't go to waste. There's nothing to lose.