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“Aren't cloth nappies expensive?”

When deciding which path you want to take, cloth nappies are seen as pricey.

“Cloth nappies are expensive.”

I hear this statement all the time so let’s break it down:

The average disposable costs 30c a nappy and you use about 8 nappies a day so that’s $2.40 per day.

That’s about $876 per year... per year!

If you are using cloth and say you fork out $30 per cloth nappy (rough estimate based on what’s currently available out there) and you want to do cloth full time so you need about 16 in your stash well that’s $480 - and remember these nappies will not only last years but multiple children, it’s a one off cost!

If your baby needs nappies for at least 2 years full time and then another year part time (when learning to toilet) you’re spending $2190 over 3 years plus night nappies for longer than that too.

When deciding what you want to do and which path you want to go down, yes using cloth is a big initial investment... but it’s an investment that will save you thousands in the long run. 

I will let you in on a little secret! 

Gentle Wilderness nappies are going to be a fraction of the above estimated cost and come with a heap of extras too!!

I started Gentle Wilderness to help get other mums into cloth, it’s not about profit but about making them affordable for all.

It is a passion and I want to share it with you all, our nappies are not only super affordable but beautiful and ethically made.

📷 incredible photo by @_joshfalls